Gilling West to Gilling East 25th April

Posted by James Gravenor on 2015-04-26

Melanie, Jenny, Barbara and I set off from Gilling West at 8am. We only just made the start time Barbara having set our alarm for 6.45 in the evening rather than the morning and me falling down the step in the kitchen in my hurry to get out.

Our journey to Brompton to meet the rest of the party was slightly delayed by a puncture - but Melanie is an expert in fixing them. We arrived at the Halletts on time for a welcome tea, coffee and snack break. From Brompton we were joined by 8 more - although the numbers seemed to fluctuate as people left us, caught us up again and then left us again. Paul set off for Boltby Bank but there were no other takers. 

After a photo stop at Gilling East (45 miles away from Gilling West) and a viewing of the miniture railway we went for lunch at Ampleforth Abbey. By this time there were 8 of us, which was just as well as the tables are octagonal. The day was fine in the morning but it started to rain on our return journey. A scheduled stop at Thirsk was cancelled and we pressed on. The four of us returning to Gilling West decided to divert to Northallerton to dry off and warm up. After a coffee and muffin (in my case) we set off for the final leg.

The diversion to Northallerton had added 6 miles and by the time we returned to Gilling West we had done 96 miles (or in Barbara and my case 99 miles as we had set off from Richmond). Melanie, Barbara and I decided to celebrate our triumph with a drink and meal at the White Swan - highly recommended. Barabara and I then climbed the final hill back to Richmond - Melanie joined us to the top of the hill where she turned round having completed her 100 miles.

A really enjoyable day and Barbara's, Melanie's, and my first 100 of the year. Jenny was only 4 miles short and could easily have completed the 100 miles if she had chosen to.

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