Fountains Abbey to Wetherby 28th March

Posted by James Gravenor on 2015-04-26

It was a very wet day when we set out from Richmond. One of those days when you regretted leading a ride - "Lets hope no-one else comes".

"What's going on at Fountains Abbey?" Instead of the normal quiet car park at this time in the morning it was very busy and loads of people were walking about in yellow jackets and lycra. Surely they hadn't come for our ride - of course not it was a park run. Amonst the crowd we spotted Steve dripping in the rain. We thought we would have a coffee to start and hope that the rain would ease but the tea room was thronging with runners so we bravely set off.

We cycled via the Nidderdale Greenway to Harrogate and then on to the old railway line from Spofforth to Wetherby. I have never cycled to Wetherby so the excellent North Street Deli was a first. Steve had a Yorkshire Terrier beefburger - well we hope it was a beef burger.

The sun came out and we had an excellent return run along the Wharfe and up to Almscliffe Crag - great scenery in an area we don't normally ride. A welcome excellent afternoon tea stop in the very cycling friendly Sophie's in Hampsthwaite. We will come here again and we did a few weeks later.

We were glad that Steve joined us otherwise we might have ducked out and done a shorter ride and missed out on a great day.

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