Appleton Wiske to the mouth of the Tees

Posted by Peter Bennison on 2016-04-11

Steve led five of us from rural Appleton Wiske through urban Stockton and Hartlepool to the beautiful mouth of the river Tees.

We covered a flattish fifty-five miles of which over 60% was on designated cycle paths (some of which need further work) through the built up areas
and along the river at Stockton-on-Tees where we stopped at the Tees Barrage cafe for a quick coffee. Continuing through Billingham to Greatham and the bird sanctuary at Saltholme for lunch.

As the Transporter Bridge does not operate on a Sunday we wound our way around Ingleby Barwick and Thornaby's built up areas back to the start.

A very different point of view was gained from the saddles of our bikes of the industrialised areas and Steve's excellent navigational skills allowed us to focus on the scenery
rather than the busy roads and traffic.

The mouth of the Tees is surreal with the mixture of wildlife, domesticated animals, golf course and local population enjoying the sunny day and sandy beaches.

A couple of nice photographs show the wonderful views we enjoyed. A very different route and enjoyable ride that certainly needs repeating hopefully with more riders next time!

A big thanks to Steve for his confident navigation.

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