6th January - The 1st Fifty Shades of Cafe - discussion!!!

Posted by Peter Bennison on 2016-01-07

An enthusiastic group of nineteen riders set out in two groups from Northallerton, Peter led a larger group around the undulating route of Borrowby, Siltons, Kepwick and on to Thirsk Garden Centre. Whilst Pauline led a select group via the romantic (according to James and Barbara) village of Cowesby to the same café.

Though grey skies were dominant the weather was kind and there was no rain and the ride finished in patchy sunshine. The roads were wet and in places muddy, typically pot holed and not always cyclist friendly.

The main talking point of the day was the Fifty Shades of Café scoring system and the need for a general consensus to set the scores. It’s amazing how two cyclists can debate the merits of a good scone and never come to an agreement so NO chance for 19 cyclist coming to a consensus!!

Literary license has been taken by the author in presenting the scores as follows:

Name of Café:  Thirsk Garden Centre

Date/Time Visited: 6th January


Score 1-5


Quality of Food


Most people happy only one real complaint out of 19



Good staff levels, food brought quickly

Value for Money


Most people scored it 3 – mixed response

Cyclist Friendly


Trolley racks were used as cycle racks, water available for bottles

Opening Hours


9:00am – 5:00pm suits all SOC normal rides



Good facilities – ladies were not as satisfied



Nice place but nothing extraordinary or significant

Total Score


Overall a good place to stop – coped with 19 people!!


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