Wilton Quarry, Bolton, 4 Sept 2011

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-10-09
4th September saw Andy, Sandra, Phil, Rory and me heading for Wilton Quarries near Bolton. Arriving at the BMC
owned car park things were looking promising - until we opened the car door and heard the gunfire.
This meant that the two more amenable quarries were out of bounds as the shooting club has priority on Sundays.
This left us with Wilton 4 Quarry and, oh horrors, it was very damp, green and uninviting.
However, as the day wore on the conditions improved and a reasonable tally of routes was achieved by various folk including:
Rambling Route V Diff (V Diff? yeh, right)
Bird Chimney S 4a
Flywalk VS 4c
Dawn HVS 5b
999 HS 4b
Ann E1 5b
Fingernail VS 4c
Most of these routes were on "The Prow", an 18m high fin of gritstone only a few feet thick (like a mini version of Devon's
Sharpnose Point). It was agreed that any future visit would be on a Saturday when climbing has priority over clay pigeons.
It's definitely worth another visit, especially as the Pub is right next to the car park.
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