Stanage - 11 Mar 2012

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2012-03-26
We were 3 climbers who met at Scotch Corner, Ray, Andy F and me. Sandra and Harry joined us from the A61.
We arrived at Stanage around 11.30am. Clear skies and no wind promised a perfect day for climbing. Rare for only the second week of March. I'm not sure who did what in which order but I did make note of the following. Sandra said no photos of her - I took them anyway!
Stannage 11.03.12. 022
Stannage 11.03.12. 016
Stannage 11.03.12. 014
Andy lead "Kelly's Crack" (V Diff **) I seconded. The 2 of us went on to do "New Year's Eve" (S 4A) followed by "Richard's Sister" (HS 4B *). Sandra joined us for "Twin Cracks a V Diff with 1 star. However Sandra and Andy contested the V Diff rating!
Ray, Harry and Sandra climbed, amongst other routes, "Feathered Friends" (VS 4B). Then Ray lead "Right Hand Tower" (HVS 5A ***) Andy seconded and then threw the rope back down for me. It was a joy to climb and the 3 star award is well deserved.
Harry lead the hand jamming "Terrazza Crack" (HVS 5A Top 50) Ray seconded.
Stannage 11.03.12. 030
Sandra enquired "How horrible was it"? before she and Andy had a go. I wimped out.The last climb of the day Harry lead "Valediction" (HVS 5A) and Ray seconded. This was the first time I have heard Harry swear! Then it was 5.30pm and time to go home. It was an excellent day.

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