Crinkle Gill

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2012-12-10

Crinkle GillThe Mountain weather forecast for the Lakes said high winds on tops, difficult walking conditions. So I rang Pete expecting  a more benign alternative, but no Pete had been doing his research," Crinkle Gill, should be sheltered until we get to the top then if it`s too exciting we can come straight down, come on don`t be a wimp"  Feeling unable to decline the challenge I met Carol, Neil and Pete at Scotch Corner.

On route I realised the trip would be spiced up  further by my lack of ice axe and crampons so I would use  Pete`s walking pole in return I would carry his crampons.

Pete was right the Gill was sheltered but rather more water was flowing than expected leading to some precarious crossings and traverses of the steam. I was starting to enjoy myself when my foot slipped and my greasy hand hold failed to stop me ending up wet to the waist, this is going to fun when we hit those icy winds an the top I thought, a pair of plastic trousers would have been handy to keep the wind off but I'd fogotton those as well. Luckily Neil had spare everything and I borrowed a pair of his.

The gill continued slippy and wet at times but we emerged (apart from Neil) with sodden feet and hands, onto the snow slope and easy gully leading to the top of Crinkle Crags. The wind was wild but we descended via Red Tarn to the car park at the ODG arriving just as it got dark saving me from using my head torch which was back home in my cycle bag!

A great day out Pete but you really should avoid taking inexperienced idiots out on the Hill!



“It will be a nice easy walk” Peter said to me the night before. I’ll now think twice about one of his hard walks. The only easy bit to the day was parking at Dungeon Ghyll which was a first. Kitted up Peter, Phil, Neil and I were ready to tackle Crinkle Ghyll at around 11 am.
Water was flying down the ghyll. Soon it was a toss up who was wetter Phil or me. I suspect that it was Phil. It took us about 2 hours to scramble half way up the ghyll/waterfall. Where the water ended the snow started. Now it was entertainment of a different sort.
The snow was lovely, really lovely. Those of us with ice axes (not naming the one without because you know who you are!) took them to task. We finally reached the end of the line and arrived on Crinkle Crags summit with good views of the Langdales. However the forecasted gale force winds were prevalent and we couldn’t linger. To stay out of the wind we descended via Big Step and got back to the car before dark. We had drinks in Dungeon Ghyll before heading home.It had been a very entertaining day.


Crinkle Gill

Crinkle Gill

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