Richmond Day 9th April - Visit to Crackpot Cave

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-04-10

Following a pleasant morning at the Station drinking coffee and chatting to people about caving, a trip to Crackpot Cave in Swaledale took place.  Joining me was Katey (who had done some caving in the past), Adrian, John (first trip underground) and David (one previous trip with SOC).  The weather was fabulous, so the getting changed bit and walk down the hill to the cave entrance was most enjoyable.  Once everyone was ready we entered the small chamber and then crawled down into Kneewrecker Passage; after a few minutes on our hands and knees we were soon in the master cave.  A gentle wander up the main stream way took us through Block Chamber and then to Column Chamber where (surprise, surprise) is a fine column (see photo).  We then entered the small fossil passage which took us into the Turnip Field and then back down into the streamway to the end of the cave which culminates in a dig.Crackpot - the Column

Retracing our steps back through the stream way to the opposite end of the cave we had a quick look at the Intestines before exiting Kneewrecker and back into the sunshine.  Many thanks to Katey, John, David and Adrian for coming along and making the afternoon an enjoyable success.

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