Pippikin Pot

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 1999-11-27

It had been a while since our last visit to Pippikin Pot and with Ursula temporarily out of action, we knew it would still provide a challenge. A few thought provoking moments, but no real problems led us down the entrance pitch, along the crawl, over the top of Cellar Pot, through Mr Saxby’s favourite squeeze and the window beyond. At this point James decided to retreat after a concerted effort in the 2nd squeeze. This time it was his turn to ‘sit it out’ – allegedly munching most of my wine gums to calm his nerves!

We continued down the 2nd pitch, through the 3rd squeeze, down the 3rd pitch to Stemple Squeeze. This caused Kirsti (and Andrew and I who were the wrong side of her) a few moments thought, but eventually we all made it down the 4th and 5th pitches to the active stream and a discussion on tactics. Andrew and Kirsti decided they would like to carry on, but exit through Mistral Hole. Alison and I felt we could manage to extract ourselves and the tackle back the way we had come. We all continued along the narrow streamway, down the awkward climb and along the traverse to the 6th pitch. This was quickly dealt with and we romped down the Pippikin Stream and up into the Hall of the Ten. A quick rest and we parted company.

Andrew and Kirsti quickly found their way out through Mistral and back up the hill to the Pippikin entrance. They came back down the 1st pitch and waited for a while, listening to the imaginary sounds of people that caves make, before deciding to relieve James of his vigil. Meanwhile Alison and I were making our way back out, finding our own solutions to the problems encountered. We managed to assist each other and overcome them all to emerge 7½ hours after we started. A note in the car surprised us to find that the others were waiting for us in the Marton Arms where we joined them for a spot of rehydration.

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