Leck Fell; Notts 2

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-03-06

Me, Nick, John G, Bob E, Richard & Adrian
A fairly brisk tea & cake at Bernies while Adrian bought some wellies, and off to the cave for an earlyish start. Quite pleasant changing on Leck Fell – almost sunny. Had a little look around for a new entrance John knew of, but we didn't manage to find it.

Climbed down the long (30m) entrance shaft, and on down to the main streamway. Explored downstream first, as far as the sump – water levels were very low, and the crawl to the sump went much further than usual – around a bend to the left before the roof met the water. Back upstream past where we'd come in at Mincemeat Aven, and on to Vlad the Impaler (a fine solitary stalactite) before the impressively decorated Curry Inlet. At the end of Curry Inlet Nick went right to explore the very muddy squalid bit while the rest of us watched – it was very muddy and squalid.

On upstream towards sump 1: some deepish water here, mostly traversable, and eventually we got to the dive line for sump 1 and deep water. We seemed to have got quite spread out by this point. I explored a traverse up in the roof, but it didn't get me far, and I retreated, before exploring an unpromising little passage up on the right, which quickly opened out and turned right, going around the sump pool. I got to the other side in time to see Adrian heroically swimming across, apparently following Bob who'd gone in to wash his flashgun. Quite chilly.

Onwards following the nice dry passage, across Prosector Pot balancing on the handy scaffold pole, and up Moribund Inlet, to find a boulder choke with some scaffolding in it. We mostly reunited here, and discovered we'd mislaid Nick. Back to sump 1 with a minor detour into Passchendaele, to find that he'd spotted Adrian & Bob swimming across the pool, but hadn't realised there was a dry alternative.

Fairly cold & wet now, we headed out, where Nick, fired with enthusiasm by the promise of cake, managed to be second changed. I was third, and can confirm that Eileen's Apple Cake is very fine, and welcome on trips at any time. Thanks Eileen.

A fine outing, and a good first trip for Adrian.

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