Lancaster Hole to Wretched Rabbit - Mar 2012

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2012-04-16

Many thanks to Paul, John and Bob E for joining me on this trip; the plan being to follow the route described by John on his website.

On arrival at Bull Pot Farm we were confronted by a fairly large crowd of cavers so we quickly made our way over to Lancaster Hole and were first down the pitch.

The route to the main drain was via Bridge Hall, Kath’s Way, Bill Taylors Passage, Montagu West, Wilf Taylors Passage and then Double Decker Pot. The main drain water level was unsurprisingly low making it very easy going. The trip through the main drain took us past some very large formations and two round deep pools. Continuing on past the boulder chokes at Fall and Stake Pot we soon arrived at Oxbow Corner; after picking our way through the boulders we checked out the oxbow and then made our way up the boulder slope up to the high level route. We then took the high level route through Oakes Cavern, The Minarets, Cornes Cavern and then through to Main Line Terminus where we took the route through the boulders to the ladder at Stop Pot.

This was followed by a standard exit through to Eureka Junction and then out via Wretched Rabbit back into the brilliant sunshine at Ease Gill; trip length 4 hours.

An excellent trip and I only got confused once at Stop Pot where I tried to go upstream rather than downstream to Eureka Junction before being corrected.

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