Kingsdale; Aven Pot

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-12-13

The programme showed ‘Kingsdale SRT Moderate’. Considerable discussion followed and we settled on a Simpson’s pull-through. The variation to add spice was to try to find the Great Aven route (none of us had been that way before and unknowns always add interest to pull-through trips). Nobody else was in a hurry to get changed, so unusually I was first ready & thus headed into Valley Entrance to rig the pitch out of the Master Cave.

I caught the others up at the top of the hill and assisted their search for the entrance by directing them to the correct field ;-) Chris went in front and we enjoyed the excellent sporting caving and succession of short pitches Simpson’s has to offer. We eventually arrived at Aven Pot and spotted the rope above. A short climb up and walk into a calcited chamber and there was a clump of tat around a chockstone – this must be it. Chris volunteered me to check it was the right way (I had ascending gear on). I spotted the deliberate mistake and declined the 8m rope he’d offered and chose a 50m instead. Down I went into a calcited rift. This began to open out and soon became a superb free-hanging 43m abseil with calcited walls receding. Soon I was at the bottom and bellowed ‘rope free’ to indicate I was down. The others followed and we pulled down and packed the ropes, scrambled down to the foot of the normal route, then made our way out through East Entrance Passage, the Master Cave and Valley Entrance. A pint in the Marton completed an excellent day.

Thanks to Chris, Richard and Bob E for your company.

Peter W and Bob S joined me at the Dolphin Centre wall.

Then it snowed….

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