Illusion Pot, East Kingsdale – 14 May 2011

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-05-16

The weather was settled so the trip went ahead as planned despite a rather pessimistic  Met Office forecast; present were Elaine, Karen, Richard, Adrian and Bob S.  We quickly located the entrance shaft which is about 25m deep and comprises of concrete man hole sections and iron ladders which quickly arrives at the stream way.  The way on is a mixture of walking, stooping and flat out crawling through a muddy section.  On reaching the low section of passage which is sometimes a duck we found it empty apart from liquid mud about 6 inches deep.

On gaining the main passage (known as the Expressway) we had a quick look up the Missile Silo (a round vertical shaft disappearing out of sight up into the roof) and then proceeded  to view the fine formations which adorn the north end of the passage.  We then explored the sandy passage at the south end of the Expressway with a visit to the straw decorated Rushton Chamber and sump.  We also located the entrance to Perfidea Passage and Rossine Chamber but decided to give it a miss (apparently it’s a bit grim).  We then retraced our steps and returned to the surface pausing only  for a short break in the stream way to give Richard a chance to make some interesting mud sculptures.  The photo shows Elaine exiting the entrance shaft.Elaine exiting the entrance shaft

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