Ibbeth Peril

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-07-24

Jeff Clegg, Geoff Usher, and me.

Met up at the Stone Close Cafe in Dent (I was late, sorry). Had a cup of tea, then off to Ibbeth Peril.

I was my usual organised self – must try to remember wetsocks & fleece next time – it's a bit chilly in just an oversuit, although it did have a good layer of Otter Hole mud on it for insulation. Fortunately Jeff's local, and knows the cave very well. We ambled downstream a little way from the car park, then Jeff started digging his way through a huge mound of flood debris to the entrance – I'd never have found it.

Jeff guided us all around the cave – quite a pleasant variety of pretty bits, streamway, boulders, beddings, and muddy slopes. Geoff got some  good photos of some of the pretty bits. Water levels were fine.

Out in time for lunch/cake at the Meadowside Cafe, also in Dent.

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