County Pot

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-09-05

Considering that it was an official rest weekend for SOC cavers, there were two rival SOC parties in Bernie’s' - the Jessops intent on Calf Holes, and the Rabble who not quite so intent on Marble Steps Pot. The three days of unceasing rain was considered to be a good excuse for not going down.

Richard offered to take us down County Pot instead, so Chris and I dutifully followed in his footsteps. Once down the pitch, Richard dived off through a small passage to the right where we finished up in the Snake. This was followed downstream through the Spout Bypass into Spout Hall. We climbed back up the Spout, and then went through the Trident Bypass into Piearce's Passage where we took a detour through the pretties.

Chris then took over the navigation and took us back into County through Ignorance is Bliss, but instead of turning left at the end, turned right so we finished up going through the Gallery and dropping back into the stream just upstream of Platypus Junction. We then went up Razor Passage, looking at Butterfield's and Green's en route before finishing up at Broadway. A quick visit was then made to the aven at the end where Chris and Richard had a shower.

On the way out we paid a visit to the top of Oxford Pot, where Chris almost made a successful bid for the Golden Welly award. However, although two of his points of contact detached themselves and fell down the 14 metre pitch, the jug which formed his third point of contact failed to join its brothers so he was able to do a one-armed Stallone-like pull-up to rejoin us at the top.

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