Alum Pot

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 1999-07-27

On a Tuesday evening twelve of us met to visit Long Churn and Alum Pot. There were six novices, including four children, and so we split into two groups. One group came in through the usual Lower Long Churn entrance via the deep pools and climbs to try out the Cheese Press. The other group entered through Diccan entrance which bypasses the pools and we headed down the climbs to the top of the Dolly Tubs pitch. Paul had kindly dashed ahead and installed a ladder and lifeline and also an SRT rope out of the window pitch. Whilst the group laddered down and others SRTed the other group caught up after the Cheese Press. With all of us down the pitch we wandered out to have a look at Alum Pot, one of the most spectacular sights in the Dales.

As we reclimbed the pitch Kirsty and Alison took the second group to the Cheese Press and eventually we all met back at Plank Pool. Much fun was had - especially by the children although one or two adults took the plunge - at Plank and Double Shuffle Pools - especially sliding down the water chutes.

A quick dash through Baptistry Crawl or up the Entrance waterfall warmed everybody up again and we then exited the system via Upper Long Churn and Dr Bannister’s Handbasin waterchute.

As we wandered in the fading light back to the cars everybody agreed that we’d all had a good evening’s fun - and we had the wet knickers to prove it!

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