Walney Island - Solo

Posted by Clive Hall on 2020-10-07

The longest cul-de-sac in Britain (The Furness Peninsula)

I was down for organising Yorkshire Coast Sea Kayaking on the 4th October.  On looking at the weather forecast I suggested that we switch to the west coast were there was less wind.  Unfortunately, nobody else signed up, they must have all been running the virtual marathon, but I had a sea kayaking pass from the wife, so I was going to use it.
I arrived in Walney mid-morning as the tide times would work for circumnavigating the Island but when I walked on the beach at Earnse Point the wind was significant stronger than the forecast for Barrow and one force more than I would be comfortable in paddling on the west coast of Walney Isle.
So plan C (or D) paddle the Walney Channel between the Island and the Furness Peninsula.  I launched from the public slipway by the Ferry Inn, Vickerstown and paddled North through Walney Meeting.  Paddling up the Salt Marsh’s on the North East side of Walney before paddling into a strong headwind to reach and paddle around Lowsey Point into the edge of the Duddon Estuary with views of Black Combe on the far side.
Turned and paddled south under the Jubilee Bridge and the South side of the Walney Channel before returning to the slipway.
Nice sunny day with interesting contrasting views.  Social distancing was maintained throughout!

John Brimmell


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