Sea Kayaking Kyles of Bute 25th/26th July

Posted by Clive Hall on 2015-07-28

The Kyles of Bute was the target for this weekend and the weather forecast seemed quite good as the various members of the group headed for Scotland.

On arriving at the Colintraive ferry terminal, Bryan put his political skills to good use and blagged us all a free camp site in the field beside the pub with the toilet facilities only fifty yards away. In hindsight this was perhaps the beginning of a good/bad night depending on your point of view.

Next morning we were away at 10am as planned and after two hours of paddling past some stunning scenery in beautiful sunshine we called a tea stop at which one of our party, who previously had swallowed a mixture of headache painkillers under the watchful eye of our team doctor, calmly walked away to a grassy spot and slept peacefully for an hour.

Back on the water we crossed the southwest Kyle to follow the mainland coastline to Ardlamont Point. Rounding the point, the expected westerly wind immediately came head on and after a few minutes and quick map consultations it was decided to retreat back round the point to set up camp for the night. The evening was a flat calm sea with the Gibbous moon clearly visible.

Camping on the east side of Ardlamont Point, looking across to Bute. Photo: Clive Hall
Camping on the east side of Ardlamont Point, looking across to Bute. Photo: Clive Hall

Sunday saw our illustrious leader up at the crack of dawn rousing campers from their slumbers to be on the water by 8.30am in order to stay ahead of the weather front coming from the south. Breakfasts eaten, bags packed and away we paddled spot on time with a freshening wind coming beam on to us.

Once back in the Kyle proper we were sheltered from the wind while we retraced our steps northwards and it was only for the final kilometre to the ferry terminal that we had the wind in our faces and had to put in some effort.

Thanks to Pete, Ralph, Bryan and Brett for the support, if you had meant to come along and then didn’t, sorry, but you missed a good one.


Article and photograph copyright © Clive Hall 2015

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