Flamborough Head - Sunday 20th Aug

Posted by on 2017-09-03

On Sunday 20th August seven of us set off to Flamborough Head for an easy trip along the coast from South Landing to North Landing. Some of us earned our picnic lunch by carrying all the boats down from the car park; whereas others timed their car shuttle perfectly, returning just as the last kayak was placed on the beach. We set off in very calm conditions and enjoyed spotting the seals which popped up all around us. One curious creature jumped up out of the water, almost landing on Shane’s spray deck! We made our way along the cliffs. I learned later that the reason for my helmet was not so much to protect me from falling rocks when we went into the caves but rather to keep the bird droppings off my head.

Once we rounded the first headland the sea became quite choppy and challenging for a novice like me. The advice to lean into the waves is fine but what do you do when they are coming from both sides? (Shriek, swear a bit and plough on.) After a while our youngest paddler became quite tired so Shane and Clive took turns to tow her. The rest of us brought up the rear admiring the remaining caves from a safe distance and eventually turning in to land on the beach at North Landing.

Our trip was rounded off by a visit to the café for tea, cake, chips, toast, chicken nuggets and milk shake. Many thanks to John for organising this trip.

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