River Ure, Ripon to Boroughbridge

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2015-04-24

by Helen Adams

Lucy (above) and Carwyn (below) on the Ure. Photos: Helen Adams

Six on the water - two paddling solo and four tandem - two boats I hasten to add! Ripon to Boroughbridge completed - a lovely stretch of river from the BCU site to the river / canal confluence - a couple of Grade 1ish rapids accomplished. Water level at 0.28 - any lower and it would have been a real bump and scrape. A lazy lunch at West Wick taking in the early spring sun. Bird spotting - King Fisher, Oyster Catcher, Heron, Cormorant; Oh! Not a single fisherman to be seen !

Special event - commercial van parked blocking the gate to the BCU site meaning two cars stuck in the field - Jane's & Avril's. Rang the phone number on the van and left message on answer phone. Rang Police - very helpful and incident logged - now waiting for either the Police or owner, so as it was an emergency the rations were cracked open. Owner turned up on a push bike all very apologetic and van moved - cars released. Rang Police and cancelled incident not pressing charges. Telephone call received from a very apologetic lady ... I think the driver in question is in for stern word or two from his employers!

On the whole, a great trip and ideal for those not confident in paddling their own boat or wanting a gentler pace of life!

Helen Adams

Article and photographs copyright © Helen Adams 2015

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