Club Camp - Troutbeck, Cumbria

Posted by Anna Broadley on 2014-07-20

Well, it’s not every year you get a weekend of good weather for club camp and although it rained on Saturday night, the days were dry, warm and sunny. Just right for a scramble up Blencathra for a large group of mixed ability and enthusiasm. Still the swim in the tarn on the way back down was ‘refreshing’ and enjoyed by many.

Scales Tarn, Blencathra

The following day saw a later start due to the cooler morning and tired muscles (as well as tired children). Nichol End Marina saw a small SOC flotilla of varying canoes and kayaks set off for Derwent Island where we stopped for lunch.

Alice on Derwentwater

A short paddle into a head wind tested some on the way back but our club camp paddlers are getting pretty good now and we made good time back so decided to have a little explore and swap around of boats.

The warm weather encouraged yet more open water swimming and the café provided welcome drinks and cakes!

Laura, Sweepy, Eleanor and Kay

There was also a deal of walking and cyling over the weekend but not by us (apart from Blencathra of course) so I shall let someone else write about that!

Many thanks to everyone who came, it was a fabulous weekend and I can’t wait till next year’s camp!

Anna, Alice and Ethan Broadley.

Article and photographs copyright © Broadley family 2014

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