Thank you and update on behalf of the Raising the Standard (Nine Standards Rigg Project)

Posted by on 2016-04-19

Below is one of the thank you and update emails received on this project.

"I thought I would send an update to the crowdfunding project as we are now received over 90% of our £15,000 target. This is from donations from members of the public and also organisations such as yourselves so thank you for contributing and making this project a success!

We have 5 days to go and are on the home straight as it were. Once we hit our £15,000 target we will continue to raise money towards our 'stretch' target of £25,000. I doubt that we will hit this stretch target from how the campaign has gone so far but even if we get a few grand extra this will mean we are able to flag more of the route.

I will also be putting our main contributors on our website and Swaledale Outdoor Club will be added to that list.

Many thanks again and I hope all is well."

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