The New Bells of St Mary's Richmond

Posted by Graham Rogers on 2017-07-22

Some members of the club who are resident in Richmond may have noticed that St Mary’s bells are ringing out again. The new peal of bells were rung for the first time on Wednesday 19 July. We are obviously thrilled. The bells are a musical delight as we had hoped they would be and they will be part of Richmond’s “soundscape” for many generations to come. The current costs stand at about £180,000 (and rising I suspect) and the installation of the new bells and bell frame extended over a backbreaking four months. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of so many people and, not least, members of SOC (the challenge of the sponsored Richmond-to-Richmond ride immediately springs to mind!). We would like to thank you all very much indeed for your support, encouragement and a significant financial contribution to a wonderful heritage.

Graham, Glenys R., Glenys J., Yvonne and (above all) Peter Trewby who has led from the front in every respect.

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