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Four Seasons in One Day

Posted by Mark Russell on 2014-04-03

OK so it looks like I might have made a couple of small errors on this ride out. The first was a very silly one, stating the ride as 'easy'. What I meant was 'easy going' as in pace. To be fair there's not that much easy going in and around Reeth. The easy tag within the description is exactly what SOC newbie Ally had been looking for and therefore decided to join us at Reeth V.G for 10:00. Once we made our introductions and I realised that easy is what I had typed I had a wee panic moment!

Borrowdale Bashed Again

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2014-03-17

Ten bikers met up at the Bowderstones car park in Borrowdale (after a scenic detour around Derwentwater) for yet another go at that iconic Lake District route - the Borrowdale Bash (with SOC variations). Kathryn had come over with Neil to go for a walk so we waved goodbye to her and set off along the road to Watendlath.

Waskerley Way, 5 January 2014

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2014-02-17

I’m having to write this report as Judith was one of many who had decided that our now annual 46 mile pilgrimage to Parkhead Station Cafe is just too tough!  Neil R, who hasn’t done the ride before had committed to coming but car trouble put paid his plans.  So just 4 of us set off from Derwent Walk visitors Centre after a bit of siding on the car park - the temperature still just below freezing at 10am.

Two Rides From Grinton

Posted by Judith Turner on 2014-02-13

Grinton Take 1

Steven and I booked two rides from Grinton for the weekend – an easier going one on the Saturday and a longer option for the Sunday. As it turned out Saturday was a bit more of a slog than we hoped for due to strong winds. However it did not deter Alan, Sarah, Rach, Ian and James from joining us – although I think it was the temptation of Dales café at the end that got them there.

Please Sir No More Grewel

Posted by on 2014-01-18

It was a good turnout for the easy going Saturday ride comprised of Mark R, Graham, Ian, Neil and Andy. Andy decided that after attending his first easy going ride, which wasn't, he hoped that this would be it. I decided to use the section leader's new mantra of 'keeping it mean, to keep them keen'. At least the start point of the Crown Inn looked promising for the return.

Santa Spectacular

Posted by Judith Turner on 2013-12-10

The Christmas do is always one we look forward to – not only do we have the evening do where we can get all glammed up – we can do it earlier in the day too as we fancy dress for the ride. This year we could safely award ourselves the surreal moment of the year because that's what the lady in Barningham said when she looked over her garden wall and saw all the Santas in the village.

Santa Spectacular

Marske to Fremington - Oops!

Posted by Judith Turner on 2013-12-10

The second of our rides for the weekend was billed as 20 miles medium starting from Marske with the intention of getting over to Dales and seeing how we felt after that. Steven and I were joined by Dr John, Neil R, Dave T and Dave's mate John Smith – fairly new to mountain biking but from the same school of fitness as Dave T. Dave was also pleased to meet up with Neil R who he had not seen for 15 years and even happier as he was on his new bike with more travel and fun bits.

Langthwaite Easy Going

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2013-12-10

A bright day attracted six people to join Steven and me for an easy-going ride – Alan, Sarah, Rach, Nigel plus two newcomers – Andy, a canoeist, and Lin – all the way from Bingley – pressure on to deliver then!

We headed straight off road towards Surrender Bridge and then South to what looks like Feetham on the map. Now that I am writing this I can't really remember what happened – no surprise there then.

Hathersage in the Sun!

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2013-11-19

Only a select few mountain bikers turned up at Hathersage Youth Hostel for the club weekend away, however we quickly teamed up with a bunch of cyclists and headed to the local Indian for supper on Friday evening. Things were getting a bit cosy by the time we got back as forty people squashed into the hostel and we wondered how breakfast was going to go with only one kettle and eighteen cereal bowls. Staggered departure times spread breakfast preparations out though and inevitably it was the mountain bikers who set off last.

Bowes - The Usual

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2013-11-11

I'm not sure if Steven and I were surprised that the people who turned up for this ride were all folk who had never done it before or it was just a coincidence that those that had were otherwise engaged. Anyway, we were joined for the ride by Mark, Neil S, Neil R and Nigel – who even having read the email that promised wet, boggy conditions opted to bring his heavy long travel bike (and come to regret it!!).