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The tale of two car parks

Posted by on 2015-05-02

The day didn't start well.  With the non appearance of two usually very prompt people who for the purposes of confidentiality shall remain nameless (but one of them has just got a new green bike).  It subsequently turned out that while everyone else was meeting at Bank Foot near Ingleby Greenhow they had gone, for reasons known only to themselves, to Clay Bank near Ingleby Greenhow.  The fact that both parties could probably have seen each other with binoculars is beside the point.  I can only presume it to be a s

Liz and her six peas

Posted by Liz Hughes on 2015-04-28

Having only taken two years to pluck up the courage to lead a ride with the Mtb section things didn't quite go to plan!!

Hamsterley Introduction

Posted by Mark Russell on 2015-04-16

Nine folk turned up to join me at Hamsterley forest for a beginners intro to the centre and what it has on offer. I had to change the start time to a very leisurely 3 P.M as I have joined an elite set of mountain bike apprentice’s for top secret skills coaching that took place in the morning. However I thought it actually worked quite well because as Yvette and I were arriving the last of the weekend warriors were then heading home.

After a quick count up and introduction I gave a very quick explanation of what the day was about and where we would be heading.

Easter in the Peaks 2015

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-04-14

Easter in the Peaks normally involves a heavy snowstorm two days before we get there and then a four day mudfest. However, this year we were lucky, as the dry weather held (mainly!) and the tracks were reasonably dry. Alan and I headed down on Maundy Thursday and had a very warm and pleasant afternoon riding the northern half of the Cut Gate route before moving down to Castleton to find our B&B.

Why did we do this?

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-03-29

The weather report was grim and, as usual these days, accurate. Alan decided to head over to the Lakes with Phil and Rach to go and test ride some bikes so after I dropped him off in Melsonby I drove over the Stang in driving rain and wind in the faint hope that everybody else would have stayed in bed and I could head straight for Dales cafe. No such luck though, six people ready and raring to go. Oh well, nothing for it but to (wo)man up and get on with it.

Fountains Abbey and beyond (or #gotmyfingerout)

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-03-29

For some unfathomable reason we agreed to lead a ride the day after we got back from our ski trip so I wasn't feeling very energetic when we all met up in Fountain's Abbey car park. Luckily it was a lovely day and the ride was planned to be easy-going so my tired legs did eventually manage to get going for the day. Ian, Judith, Yvette, Alan, Nev, Sas, Skye and I assembled in the car park and whilst Sas towed Skye on a ride around the Abbey the rest of us headed south over various miraculously dry bridleways. A very pleasant ride but not many exciting adventures to report.

The wizards of Os(motherley)

Posted by Mark Russell on 2015-03-19

We managed a good turnout of nine riders for the ride which was good to see, even better was the fact that we had also attracted another possible new comer Rob.

The 10:30 start was slightly delayed, partly due to yours truly who was faffing with his GPS as I’m still yet to learn all of its functions.

Eventually we all set off, me excited at the prospect of being able to follow my electronic route. That failed before the first turn as I had planned in a climb on a footpath. In all there were another three mistakes that I had input to the device.

Ullswater singletrack in the sun

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-02-17

After umming and ahhing all week we decided the weather and snow conditions in the Lakes would be ideal for a ride on the day after our Marske ride. Nine of us including Judith, Alan and me from Saturday and also Sean, Tim (on his first SOC ride and a different Tim from yesterday), Baz, Andy, Rachel and Rob met up in Pooley Bridge to tackle the classic Ullswater singletrack ride. The weather was superb with blue skies and fantastic views and the snow had retreated to the highest ground so our way looked clear.

Mud and suede shoes

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-02-17

Ten people turned up for our easy going ride from Marske on Valentine's Day, a good showing for a slightly grey day in February. Yvette and Tim both decided to come out for their second ride each (you must have done something right last time Nigel) and we also had Judith, Ian, Nigel (twice in two weeks!), Liz, Mike, Graham (blimey!), Alan and me (Sarah).

Grewelthorpe 'A call to arms'

Posted by on 2015-02-04

A good turnout of eight for the Saturday ride consisting of Nigel, Mark, Graham ( attending his annual Grewelthorpe ride ) Ian, Liz and Mike and two newbies Yvette and Tim.