Previous Trips

Good Morning Sausage

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-02-09

We arrived at Grinton Youth Hostel on Saturday morning in the pouring rain and were hopeful that everybody else had stayed in bed. Sadly they hadn't, so Judith, Steve, Jenny, Alex, Alan and I set off up the hill towards Apedale. The good news on the way up the hill was that it stopped raining, the bad news was that it turned to snow - though to be fair, snow is more fun than rain. We headed over the top in snow and fog and then the precipitation abated a bit as we did a fun bit of singletrack at the far end of Harkerside.

Wednesday Night Warriors

Posted by Mark Russell on 2016-01-21

After the rather mild December, January came with a proper bite of winter. The temperature guage on the car while on the way to Grinton was showing a rather chilly -1 deg C. Thoughts of skidding and slipping all over the place was coming to mind. I joined Neil S, Ian and his pal Scott. I was informed by them that someone was sat opposite the YHA with a bike on the roof. Guessing this was Andy our newcomer I made my way up to him and he then also joined us in the car park. 

Hamsterley 17.01.16

Posted by Robert Sharp on 2016-01-19

Promises of a mud free, sunny ride had enticed three keen SOC riders out of hibernation; as Liz, Mike and Karen joined me in a sparklingly frosty Hamsterley forest. Early signs were looking good, and under a rapidly expanding blue sky we got the blood pumping by heading up the climb from the visitor centre and with big grins, enjoyed the swoopy fun of Pikes Teeth. Next up was a slippery crossing of the roots of Route 66 and once Liz had finished her conversation with a dry stone wall, we set off down the new trail Odd Socks...

Windy Weeth, sorry Reeth.

Posted by on 2016-01-12

Well today's ride started by driving back from Reeth to the Dales Mountain Bike centre in the vain hope we could wait for the rain to stop and at least start in the dry. So what to do whilst we wait, other than drink tea & coffee! The delay in departure resulted in Alex joining our enthusiastic group, so all good. Even though it's my name down for ride leader I have to thank Steve for coming up with a weather appropriate route. So thanks Steve.

Waskerley Way 2016 – The Annual Pilgrimage

Posted by Judith Turner on 2016-01-03

Despite rigorous protests (from me), Steven insisted on putting the Waskerley Way on the programme for January. His argument being that there would still be people who had never been subjected to it (sorry ridden it) and others who would just forget. There would also be the ‘odd’ person who enjoyed it and wanted to ride it again, and again and again…..

2015 MTB section Christmas Ride & Meal

Posted by Mark Russell on 2015-12-25

A hardy bunch of riders went to venture out for this year's Christmas ride. An annualouting that usually sees us dressing up as Father Christmas, elves, and even reindeer. It's quite a sight seeing a dozen or so Santa's come riding past and I'm still not sure that the residents of Barningham have got used to it. However as I am sure you are all aware this ride was planned for the 12th of December which just happened to coincide with a rather large dump of snow causing all sorts of problems.

Lots of Water in Wensleydale

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-12-24

We headed over to Aysgarth Falls in some trepidation on the morning after Storm Desmond. The main road up the valley was closed by flooding but we got through on a very wet back road to meet up with Emma, Karen, Russ, Neil and Jenny at the visitor centre on a bright morning. To start with we headed up onto High Lane and had a fun ride back down the flooded and washed out track back down to West Burton. So far, so good. Then things got a bit tricky, we couldn't cross the main valley as it was flooded for miles in each direction, similarly we couldn't reach Thoralby either.

The first signs of winter!

Posted by Michael Hulley on 2015-11-23

We had a great time with 10 of us turning up. Unfortunately Liz has a cold so it was left for me to 'lead'.
We left Reeth at 10, popped up Fremmy edge and battled the snow to drop down an icy descent into Langthwaite.
Going past(not in!) the pub, we then moved on up the bridle way to take in a loop including Great Pinseat.

As we were all getting a bit cold by then we decided to make a little change to the last part of the ride and made a bee-line back to Reeth with it still being a good 17-18mile ride. Post ride refreshments were of course at the Dales centre!

The 2015 MTB Cake Off weekender.

Posted by Judith Turner on 2015-11-18

Being last year’s winner (2nd time on the trot, not rubbing it in), it was my privilege to organise the weekend for this year’s cake off. Having had a great time at Castleton YHA in Easter 2012 and knowing it had an excellent drying room we made a return visit with 22 of us staying Friday and 24 on Saturday night. This in turn made us a group of 20 for riding on Saturday and 18 on Sunday but I am pleased to say everyone behaved and we hardly had any mechanicals. Even better we didn’t lose anyone!

Helvellyn for my birthday

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-10-04

My birthday happened to fall on a Sunday this year so I put a ride up Helvellyn in the programme and then crossed my fingers for the weather. The gods smiled on me and a week of fine, sunny days coincided with the ride so we were good to go. Ten of us met up in Glenridding (Neil R, Mark, Liz, Mike, Simon, JB, Rob, Ian, Alan and me) and geared up ready for the long climb to the summit. We biked up to the old mines and then continued riding (just about) to the zig zags up Kepple Cove.