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The Alternative Marathon

Posted by Dave Thompson on 2016-08-03

The Alternative Marathon


LOCATION :-                 Reeth Village Green 10:00 Sunday July 24 2016

MISSION :-           Ride as near as possible The SOC Marathon route

TEAM :-         Aaron (my grandson), Alex, Jen, John, Neil & Yvette


The weather forecast promised dry weather until about 15:00, the question was would we finish before this arrived.

However a more important question arose, would we finish before the DBC cafe closed, read on to find out.

Sutton Bank singletrack

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-06-18

A Saturday easy going ride saw Alan, Mike, Martin (coming along to try us out), Andrew, Arabella, Saskia and me meet up at Sutton Bank on a cool but dry morning. Nev and Skye came along as well to check out the pump track before heading off for a family visit. We headed out along the blue route with Andrew doing sterling service pulling Arabella along in the woo hoo and the rest of us trying to keep up. We got to the edge of the hills and turned north to follow the track up past High Paradise (no cafe stop here I'm afraid) and back onto the top.

Our first SOC trip to Ballater

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-06-13

Alan and I had a short visit to Ballater on Deeside last year in showery weather and decided that it was worth a team outing this year. Twenty four of us assembled over the weekend - Sas, Nev, Skye, Phil, Rach, Leo, Davinia, Andrew and Arabella in a large house with lovely views and everybody else (Judith, Steve, Neil G, Kathryn, Karen, Andy, Mark, Neil S, Dave, Yvette, Ian, Russ, Simon, Alan, Sarah) in various B&B, hotel and hostel places. The weather was set fair and we were all looking forward to a great weekend.

Sunny Sunday at Osmotherley

Posted by Mark Russell on 2016-06-07

Having spent a bit of the previous night trying to put the route together in my head as well as electronically into GPX I was pleased when I knew Sarah B our very own map master would be joining us. In fact there were 8 in total, myself Alan & Sarah, Simon B, Mike & Liz, Dr.J, and Jenny.

Birthday Bonanza

Posted by Mark Russell on 2016-05-26

I have noticed that turn out for my birthday rides tend to be quite good. No idea why, I'm putting it down to my devilish good looks, charm, wit and infectious personality. To be fair the weather certainly helped with the sun shining brightly and the rare heat haze rising off the heather moorland. I was joined by Judith, Steven, Ian, Jenny, Karen, Dave T, and possible newby Paul.

Bainbridge Again!

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-05-19

Alan (forks now back from the menders), Mark G, Simon (second ride out for his new, very blue, bike), Jenny and I headed out from Bainbridge on a bit of bridleway I haven't explored before. This is a rare thing around here so I was quite excited, Mark knew the track and to be honest it wasn't in the least bit exciting as it was all uphill. However it got us off the road and heading up to the peaty singletrack around Woodhall Greets.

Dry trails around Harkerside

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-05-19

Despite the cold weather at the beginning of May the trails in Swaledale were dry and lovely by the middle of the month. Six of us (Yvette, Jenny, Dave T,  Peter, Richard and me) met up on a windy, sunny Saturday near Grinton Youth Hostel for a ride around the interesting bits on Harkerside. Alan couldn't come out to play as his forks hadn't come back from the menders - they eventually arrived back while I was out so he did get a ride along Applegarth in recompense.

Easter in the Lakes

Posted by Judith Turner on 2016-04-08

Easter in Hawkshead

A core group of 6 headed over to the Lakes for Easter – Karen, Andy, Alan, Sarah, Steven and I. We were joined for the sunny day on Friday by Dave T and Neil whereas Ian and Scott came out for a good soaking on Saturday. JB and Simon opted for the soaking on Saturday and also the mostly damp Sunday! Despite the weather we made the most of it and had 4 excellent days of riding. I am not going to tell you all the routes we did just the highlights and quotes of the weekend.

A dry sunny day in Swaledale.

Posted by Judith Turner on 2016-02-29

The promise of a ‘dry sunny day in Swaledale’ ensured a healthy turnout for the last ride of February. Joining Steven and I were Neil, Russ (nice bouffant!), Simon, Jenny, Mark G, Karen, Andy (nice to see you again), Mike and Liz.  Kathryn was also out for the day but headed off on foot so we caught up with her later at Dales. Mike and Liz had been leisurely reading the papers when they realised it was a 10.00am start so advised they would be running late. As it turned out, they were on time but Steven and I used the additional time for some faffing and we set off about 15 minutes late.

A bit of a windy affair!

Posted by Judith Turner on 2016-02-27

Our February offering was to be an easy-going ride from Markse on Saturday followed by a bog trot over Bowes on Sunday. However, we had already earned frequent flier miles at Marske and the only taker was Dr Richard whose first and only ride of the year had been Marske so we changed the venue to Richmond. Our start point coincided with the road section so we had a quick huddle in the car park before setting off into the biting cold wind on our respective jaunts.