Previous Trips

Bainbridge: The Best Bits

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-10-18

Our rides from Bainbridge normally end up with us either riding all the way up the Roman Road (masochistic) or screaming down it at warp factor ten at the end of the day (a waste of hard won height) so I decided to plot a route that took in the best bits of singletrack on the southern side of Wensleydale whilst only using the Roman Road when absolutely necessary.

Ravenstonedale: Crawling Up The Calf

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-10-11

Nobody came the last time Steve and Judith tried to do this ride so today a certain amount of arm twisting ensured that eight people turned up in Ravenstonedale for an attempt on the Calf in the Howgills. Chris, Pete and Kev had a bit of an incident on the way over the A66 when the strap holding the top of Kev’s bike onto the bike rack on Chris’s car fell off and his bike pivoted over and was dragged, still attached to the rack by its wheels, at 60mph along the road surface!

Kirby Hill: The Pie Eating Competition

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-10-07

Despite prior warning from Judith that our regular Wednesday night ride was to be followed in the Shoulder of Mutton by a large number of cheese pies left over from Judith's wedding, nobody took a blind bit of notice. Hence it was that nearly everybody had already eaten by the time we assembled in the pub after a very pleasant ride for the pie eating marathon. Landlady Tonie had decided that pies by themselves might not be quite filling enough so had also prepared two very large plates of fat chips as well.

Ampleforth: Autumn Around Ampleforth

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-10-04

On a beautiful autumn October morning four keen cyclists gathered near Ampleforth College, for Chris and Emma's tour of the Abbeys. No, we weren't doing a pilgrimage, it's just the ride seemed to go past or very close to most of the Abbeys in the area. Five of us set off up the first hill, nope that's not a typo, Chris joined the ride for the first few miles but as he is injured he did a gentle road loop whilst the rest of us headed up and over to Rievaulx, the first Abbey of the day.

Dent: Up the Calf from Dent

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-09-27

You know that when everyone turns up half an hour early for a ride that you are just not going to set off on time! And so it was at Dent where we tried to make a good impression on Paul, Cherie and Alex who had joined us from the Lakes on recommendation from David A. Firstly we had to go and get a coffee or 3 from the café, then have a cigarette (Steven only in case my mother reads this) then decide that it was time to get the bikes ready. That's when Steven realised he had a flat and his tubeless tyres let him down big style!

Wath: A Nidderdale Classic

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-09-12

A glorious sunny Saturday beckoned four of us out, starting from Wath for the 22 mile classic ride around the top of the Dale with a total of 1,000m ascending.  It's easy to appreciate why this is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty but as usual it was unbelievably quiet. With two guide books, maps, Matt's GPS and Alan and Sarah's previous riding experience, the route was easy to follow and over unusually firm dry ground. Alan performed most of the gate-opening duties especially along the route of the Nidderdale Way from Ramsgill to Lofthouse.

Catton Park: Pink Heifers

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-08-23

The Pink Heifers have been in action again at Sleepless in the Saddle 24 hour mountain bike race, which takes place at Catton Park in August. They faced some tricky competition, in the form of the Minx Team who had the legendary Jenn Hopkins racing for them. The heifers battled their way to second place, doing 27 laps whilst Minx came first with 28 laps. I would like to congratulate the team on a excellent performance


Ribblehead: Tour of Ingleborough (or mud, hot dogs and a spot of caving)

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-08-23

Twelve riders turned out for our tour of Ingleborough, meeting at a gloomy Ribblehead. We managed to get past the bacon buttie van and under the viaduct without mishap, then headed up the rather 'soft' bridleway towards the limestone pavement and Twisleton Scar. Fun was had as we negotiated the limestone, weaving in and out of the cracks and crannies. We paused at the top to fiddle with James' new suspension set up and then 'whooped' our way down the descent.

Danby Dales: Singletrack fun

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-08-16

Well, I was a little concerned as my co-leader (unofficially, as unknown to her) Em was unable to make the ride so all responsibility lay in my hands to not get us lost; which has been known to happen, usually when its wet, windy and dark. Well surely we won't need to consider the latter unless it really does go banana skins up. But wet and windy was on the forecast.

Edmundbyers: And On To Blanchland

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-08-02

Eight of us had gathered on the village green, where Rachel's brake pad fell apart, with no spares it looked like a one brake ride. But with a bit of bodgery, hey presto we were off. A five mile warm up on the road to Blanchland then a steady climb over the moor to Slaley Forest. The sun was out and not a puddle in sight. The rocky single-track descent from Embley Fell, saw Rach over the bars and Phil with a pinch flat. After crossing Devil's Water we gained a little height for lunch in fear of the midges.