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2011 MTB Award Results

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-12-12

The voting has now finished and the results are in!  The lucky winners were presented with their certificates and prizes during the section's Christmas dinner on 10th December.  Thanks to Nev the prizes reached a new level of inventiveness and a tie in the 'Best Bum' category resulted in the first ever live 'Bum Off' between Olly, Phil, Andy J and Steven.  You had to be there to believe it really..................


Bike Tart of the Year

Emma (of course orange and pink anodizing on the same bike is fab!)

Best Crash

Christmas Ride - Fancy Dress from Barningham

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-12-12

Gunnerside In The Sun, 20th November 2011

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2011-12-08

After a very foggy drive up Swaledale we were amazed when we popped out of the murk into a blazingly sunny day at Gunnerside. After strapping knee pads to rucksacks or knees nine of us set off up the lung poppingly steep electric gate road (sorry) and then headed around to Surrender Bridge in increasingly warm sunshine.

Muddy from Melsonby 19th November 2011

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-11-20

Six enthusiastic bikers joined me on Melsonby village green on a bright, sunny morning.  Dr Richard showed most commitment by riding to the start and Jane came along to try us out after moving to the area.  Nigel even made it, despite a mouse appearing in his house and disappearing up his wife’s trouser leg while he was trying to leave home that morning - I’ve certainly not heard that excuse for being late for a ride before! 

Calderdale Trails, 12/13th November 2011

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-11-18

Neil, Kathryn, Leigh, Graham, Mark, Russ, Alan and I assembled outside Mankinholes Youth Hostel near Hebden Bridge for a mountain bike ride on a sunny, mild morning and armed with spare brake pads we headed up and over into the next valley for a bit of exploring. To start with we mainly found mud but then my internet research bore fruit and the fun began with a good descent down Stake Lane and a wander along leafy trails into Hebden Bridge for coffee.

Reeth 9th October

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-11-10

On a damp and very dreary day, 5 hardy souls turned up for a blast around the Dales. It would have been 4 but my girlfriend Jo was arm twisted into coming on the promise of the after ride cake!! Emz, Russ and Chris E also joined us.

Grinton – Sunday 6th November

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-11-10

A rather stunning sunny day tempted even more riders out – 13 this time – including JB and Simon and ‘Kickstand’ Steve who we haven’t seen in a while. The ride promised 20 miles medium and the actual outturn of 18 could be disappointing on the face of it but not the case. This was a fantastic ride on a perfect day – modest I know. The start of the ride was similar to what we did earlier in the year so I can just cut and paste from the last report and it saves the embarrassment of me not having a clue where we were! The route took us up past Glead Gill which is a bit of a slog.

Scorton – Sat 5th November 2011

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-11-10

Such is the popularity of Steven as a ride leader we had 10 turn out for our easy going ride from Scorton, including two new ladies who had contacted the Club thorough the Mountain Bikers Facebook page – ooh - how modern! The two newbies were Jenny and Sarah from ‘up Dale and they joined Neil, Kathryn, Kay, and three of the ‘roadies’, James, Barbara and Melanie. Last time we did this ride, the tracks were bone dry but you can’t win ‘em all.

Fountains Abbey, Saturday 22nd October

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-11-09

Lovely and sunny as we assembled in the car park at Fountains Abbey for a ride down towards Ripley Castle. Nev and Sas came along and Nev rode whilst Sas took little Skye for a stroll in the park to see the deers. The rest of us got off to a smelly start as we headed through one muddy farmyard just behind Fountains Abbey and then another one where luckily the farmer pointed us to a drier diversion (though not before Alan and I had something unmentionable smeared on our tops from bike lifting).

First Mud of Winter, Sunday 23rd October

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-11-09

After lovely autumnal weather here and two warm and dry weeks mountain biking around Moab, Alan and I were a bit shocked to discover that the winter mud had arrived in our absence when we led a ride from Askrigg at the end of October. Seven of us met up at the early ‘winter’ time of 10am (dark by 4-30 now we muttered to each other) and after effecting emergency repairs to Richard’s jacket zip (safety pins from Phil’s enormous first aid kit) we headed up the very steep tarmac to Oxclose Lane for a muddy but enjoyable run down to the river.