Previous Trips

Mountain Biking Dumfries

Posted by Judith Turner on 2017-03-29

Dumfries in the sunshine

Middleham mountain biking

Posted by Judith Turner on 2017-03-17

It’s been a while since we did this route which was great because we had a load of new people to introduce to it’s hidden secrets. Turning up for the occasion were Jenny, Liz, Mike, Simon, Mark G, Neil S, Ian, Yvette and a very last minute Melanie who suddenly realised that Masham didn’t have any gallops and that we must be in Middleham!

Eleven go mad in Swaledale

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2017-02-23

Karen decided her medium TBC ride would start in Reeth so eleven of us turned out on a mild and pleasant February Sunday. A few faces we haven't seen for a bit turned up and a couple of potential new members so the role call was Karen, Andy, Mark, Alan, Sarah, Jenny, Steve, Mike, Simon, JB and Rob. We set off up School Lane and even in a bit of mud it was a suprisingly good way to gain some height as we headed for Foregill Gate.

Token boy at Reeth

Posted by Mark Russell on 2017-02-23
I was very kindly escorted by Karen to make the meeting point at the village green. A warm fuzzy feeling inside as on the roof of Karen's car was my new steed! By the way she's called Jane.

Grewelthorpe ride

Posted by on 2017-01-26

The annual January winter Grewelthorpe ride consisted of Ian, Graham, Jenny, Richard, Mike, Liz and Nigel.

Mike and Liz managed to put back another social engagement with the offer of a cafe visit and Pub stop, but no snowball fight this year. 

A sunny day out from Reeth

Posted by Judith Turner on 2017-01-25

As Steven had a quick trip to Perth (Australia!) with work it was left to me to lead a ride out from Reeth. Jenny, a new Neil and Ian were due to join me and a last minute change of plan meant Karen and Andy also came out to play.

Reeth - elite group of riders

Posted by Judith Turner on 2017-01-25

Having moved the Waskerley Way, we decided to put on a mountain bike ride from Reeth on the Sunday and were joined by Yvette, Karen, Liz and Neil. We set off past Grinton youth hostel and Intake Wall to start with but due to the popularity on this side of the hill (60 riders in various groups on Dales shop ride!!) Steven decided to head off up the very steep road past Low Row - not the 1st one but the 2nd to Blades. Funny how that’s not something we do often!

Waskerley Way - done!

Posted by Judith Turner on 2017-01-25

Due to availability of folk, we moved this year’s pilgrimage to Saturday instead of Sunday. Meeting Steven and I at the Derwent Walk visitor Centre were Mark and Andy; unfortunately 2 flat tyres prevented Yvette from joining us. Neil arranged to meet us at Consett so off we set at quite a lick. I have to admit that although it was pretty tough due to the pace, it was really quite ok as there was very little wind and no rain. The mist did descend on us as we headed out of Consett but the low cloud cleared as we arrived at Parkhead café.

Christmas Ride

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-12-14

Twelve of us met up in Barningham on a dry bright day for our traditional Christmas ride - lots of Father Christmas outfits but also reindeer onesies and an excellent elf outfit sported by Mark R. After a photographic session on the grass we all set off up the hill past some walkers who were very amused by our outfits. Fairly dry underwheel for December so by the time we stopped by our usual gate in the wall for our traditional mince pie stop we were still fairly clean and unmuddy.

Autumn Riding - Sun, Mud and Cake

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-11-28

Yet another lovely autumn day for our Saturday ride from Masham and we had a good turnout of nine riders - Alan, me, Yvette, Jenny, Mel, Janet, Graham, John and even Richard turned up as it was so nice. We headed up the road past Swinton Park and then gradually up the long track over Grewelthorpe Moor to the top. A snack/lunch stop sitting in the sun was a good time to admire the views over towards the North York Moors and have a natter before we whizzed down towards Ilton.