Previous Trips

White Scar - Tues 10th July 2018

Posted by Chris Sharman on 2018-07-11

Don Miller, Ariana Preston, Pete Bell, me.

This trip was planned at fairly short notice, and a permit obtained by phone from the helpful folk at White Scar. We turned up, parked in a suitably secluded corner of the car park, got changed, and were ready to enter at 10am.

We walked through the show cave, where Don had a main light failure, and on to Long Stop Lake. This was refreshing as always, with less ledges and ropes than I thought there were, but Pete (a non-swimmer) coped well. We found our way around Big Bertha and through the duck, and then on up the main streamway.

Mistral Hole - 10th September 2017

Posted by Paul Brooks on 2017-10-04

We'd planned this trip as an easy SRT excursion to Heron Pot. Heron has a couple of short pitches and an optional way out at the bottom. It does carry a decent stream however and high water levels make the pitches dangerous and the bottom exit impossible. With a wet week leading up to the trip and a wet forecast for the day, we needed a plan B.

Bank Holiday Caving Weekend - August 2017

Posted by on 2017-09-03

Friday 25th

So the planned SRT day at Ingleton wall did not go ahead as there were no takers!
So treated my Nephew, Zac, to the delights of the SRT tree in our car park at home (much to the delights of the neighbours !!), before we set off to camp at Horton-in-Ribblesdale for the weekend.

Saturday 26th

This was Paul's planned trip, so he kindly picked me up from the campsite to meet Mike, Pete & Helen at Inglesport.

Crackpot Cave - 7th February 2016

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2016-02-08

With the wind blowing and sleet showers forecast, Ron and I decided to take up Paul Brooks’ email invitation to members of sections other than caving wishing to answer that nagging doubt about exploring the underworld and joined the caving trip setting off from Grinton Youth Hostel as part of the activities for the AGM weekend.

There was a group of 7 of us led by Paul and Andy. We took a short drive to Summer Lodge farm where we changed into suitable clothing and wellies and were kitted out with helmets, lamps and knee pads.

Pool Sink to Wretched Rabbit

Posted by Paul Brooks on 2015-06-25

Chris T joined me on 21st June for a visit to Pippikin Pot's Waterfall Chamber, via Mistral Hole. That was the programmed trip, but with the forecast suggesting afternoon showers, some heavy, I thought it best to play safe. Waterfall Chamber isn't the most comfortable place to be wondering what the weather is doing on the surface.

The Borehole to Boundary Pot

Posted by Paul Brooks on 2014-09-22

Sunday 14th September 2014

Heron and Yordas

Posted by Paul Brooks on 2014-07-25

Sunday 22nd June 2014

This was listed as a "tba" trip, giving maximum flexibility to tailor the trip to the weather and participants. I needed a late start as I'd been on a Scouts "training" camp on Saturday, packing up on Sunday morning. This suited Chris (T) who could spend more time with his parents who were up for the weekend. The 2 of us met in Ingleton at 1pm.

Simpson's Pot - 20 April 2014

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2014-04-23

While the rest of the caving section were opening their Easter eggs, Tim and Paul set off to tackle the legendary Simpson's Pot. Despite agreeing a strict pre trip diet of lettuce leaves and camomile tea to enable them to achieve a waistline slim enough to pass thru the notorious 23cm wide Slit Pot the temptation of a cooked cavers breakfast at Inglesports was too great. After eating and some retail therapy in the shop below they set off for West Kingsdale.

A quick tour of Link Pot - 15th December 2013

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2013-12-20

The programme boldly stated "Out Sleets Beck Pot", but the weather suggested otherwise. Out Sleets is a real gem of a cave at the head of Penyghent Gill, but the significant stream that gushes past the dammed entrance sinks just down the hill and enters the cave before the first pitch. The pitches are "sporting" and there are wet crawls and a duck, preceded by a very interesting move across a bottomless pool to gain a bottomless rift. All these suggested that grabbing a brief lull between passing weather systems wasn't the day for Out Sleets.

Notts Pot 2 – Sunday 22 July 2012

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2012-08-12

Armed with a survey, description and good weather forecast Danny and I set off for Leck Fell just about finding somewhere to park at the approved area near Lost Johns.  Following a march back down the road we located the entrance to Iron Kiln Hole which is the entrance to the system; the plan being to visit the downstream sump and the formations at Curry Inlet.  For those unfamiliar, the entrance series is a 40m vertical mined shaft shored up with masses of scaffolding tubes and concrete blocks with aluminium ladders providing an easy climb down.  At the base of the shaft is a slither throu