Canoeing Videos

Upper Tees - Boldron Paddlefest 2012

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2012-10-29

Higher water than we'd expected after a couple of low water days earlier in the Fest. Mostly footage of Dogleg, as the working in the Horseshoe stopper meant that I wasn't filming after that point - many thanks to Doug Florence for supplying a load of extra bank footage (both Dogleg and Low Force) ! As well as 75 seconds in the stopper, my paddle being torn from my hand left a deep and ragged cut in my right thumb which required three stitches - be careful out there, accidents can happen even on familiar rivers (I've paddled the Upper twenty five times before...).

Scottish White Water - Easter 2012

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2012-06-13

A week of paddling in Scotland on grade 4 rivers, though mostly in low to medium levels. Rivers featured are the Etive, Spean gorge, Loy, Pattack, Middle Roy (Roy gorge) and Orchy. This is an abridged version (just wenty minutes) of our original 45 minute video, and features mainly the Waddington family paddling, as the target audience is the Swaledale Outdoor Club, who like to see their own members when possible.

Upper Swale at 1m on the Park Bridge Gauge

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2011-12-29

Most Upper Swale photos and videos show only the waterfalls and drops - this one aims to present an idea of the whole river including the bits that Nick Doll's guidebook suggest make a perfectly tame grade 3 paddle simply by portaging the big drops. I don't recommend the Upper Swale as a grade 3 paddle, though - a lot of the portages are quite difficult and your confidence can be seriously undermined by the thought of swimming towards some of the big drops!

Two Trips on the Nith

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2011-10-21

The Nith is a fine intermediate whitewater paddle. The footage featured here was taken on two trips with mostly the same paddlers, one in March 2011 (trees bare, sky overcast) and one in October (autumn colours, brighter, and about a foot more water at the Drumlanrig Bridge gauge). The video tries to give a fair picture of the level of difficulty at these medium levels.

Lower Guisane, Just Two Rapids

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2011-10-11

The silly big weir (watch out for protruding rebar in the white) and a rapid later on during our 2008 trip on the Lower Guisane.