Canoeing Videos

River Tees Abbey Rapids

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2013-03-14

Inspired by Mark Rainsley's "Ode to a river" thread on UKRGB. Footage from many trips combined to show this classic bit of grade three water at a variety of levels, including elegant descents, some good eddy grabbing and an inevitable smattering of carnage. Music credited track by track (I know you all hate watching endless credits and titles...) and paddlers at the end. Thanks to all who have paddled on the Tees with me and remember to stay upright if I'm filming ;-) Runs are labelled with the date and approximate level from the Barnard Castle weir EA gauge - not always easy to get an accurate figure when the river is rising or falling sharply and I've had to make adjustments for anomalous readings whilst the weir is being rebuilt.

River Coe - Low Water

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2013-01-31

The Coe only runs when it's raining (hence the video quality which isn't brilliant) and typically blowing a gale too, as it was on this day. We paddled the Coe whilst waiting for the Orchy to come up, and were off the water before eleven as it is only a short trip, even with a big group.

Greenfield Beck and the Upper Wharfe

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2012-12-24

Driving up Langstrothdale, scouting the river as we did the shuttle, it was apparent that there was enough water to continue beyond the confluence of Oughtershaw Beck and Greenfield Beck. Since the latter had more water, we headed up until near the end of the public road, found a parking place and squelched down a field to put on. There were a couple of drops we hadn't seen from the road and various stock fences (only one needing a portage) to keep us on our toes, before we reached the confluence and the more familiar run down the Upper Wharfe ending opposite the George Inn in Hubberholme.

Lower River Kent at 0.65m

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2012-11-15

Ten paddlers from SOC and DurhamCC running the River Kent from Kendal down to the A65 bridge at Force Falls. This was a lovely sunny paddle at just a nice level - 0.65m on the Sedgwick bridge EA gauge. This is enough to avoid any scrapes and keep moving reasonably fast, but nowhere near high enough to generate any chunky stoppers or nasty surprises. It's not really more than grade 3 at this level, though the corner drop just before the end is worth a quick inspection if you've not run it before so may barely qualify as grade 4.

Upper Swale at 0.64m - Sept 26

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2012-10-30

We caught the Upper dropping off from a highish level, and it was just on 0.64m as we paddled past the Park Bridge gauge. This is just a shade lower than the easiest level to run the river - the line to hit at Rainby gets quite narrow in lower water, and the ledge (right hand) line on Lower Kisdon is a bit of a bump, but 'The Rapid' is less intimidating and Catrake goes on the right fairly easily. This video is almost all headcam footage, as we spent less time inspecting than on my first run down (at 1m).