50th Anniversary - Mountain Biking

MTB Nativity 2010

Posted by James Gravenor on 2015-12-22

Something for the festive season - what were we like??

The early years

Posted by Barbara Gravenor on 2015-03-13

As far as memories of the SOC mountain bike section go, Ron Pickersgill
 would often lead us astray on our road rides and took us to such places as
 Dead Man's Gulley in Nidderdale and on the Roman Road from Bainbridge. James 
and I then started to organise weekends away in Clumber Park where we camped
 with various SOC members and cycled round the Dukeries with a trail of
 kiddies strung out for half a mile on the forest tracks.
 We then organised a number of "Coast to Coast" crossings and other May Day 
tours which would always contain some off-road element.

History of the mountain biking section at the SOC 40th anniversary

Posted by on 2015-03-13

I joined the Swaledale Outdoor Club in November 1998. Although interested in walking and keen to try my hand at other outdoor pursuits, it was mountain biking that attracted me to S.O.C. A newcomer to the sport, I soon felt that I needed to find a club to go out with, mainly because of the safety side but for company as well. My first experience of a S.O.C. ride was a very wet one with only Geoff Wall, the ride leader, for company.